Why Does Close Only Count in Horseshoes?

Posted by ,Oct 30th 2020
Why Does Close Only Count in Horseshoes?

The game of horseshoes is a staple of outdoor barbecues and gatherings. In fact, throughout history, it has become so well-known that it became part of the phrase "close only counts in horseshoes." But what does this mean? Where did horseshoes as a game come from? Why is it still a popular game today that more than 15 million North Americans enjoy?

History of the Sport 

Tossing horseshoes toward a goal has been around almost as long as people have shoed horses. The oldest examples of this pastime date to ancient Greece when it arose as a variation of quoits or discus. Closer to home in the United States, people have likely played this game even before the country's founding. Revolutionary War soldiers likely tossed the discarded shoes from their horses in competitive play to fill their spare time.

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes

The phrase "close only counts in horseshoes" comes from the notion that in this outdoor sport, you don't have to hit the stake to score points. In fact, scoring includes those shoes that encircle the stake, lean on it, or come within six inches of the goal. The more shoes you have closer to the stake, the higher your score.

Why Horseshoes Remains a Popular Outdoor Game

This game is simple to learn, easily adapted for kids and adults to play at the same time, and family friendly. Additionally, the game is easy to set up in any outdoor setting. Scoring is simple, and play can happen with one to four people.

If you want to add a flexible outdoor game to your family's collection, consider the popular game of horseshoes.

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