Why Get a Home Dartboard?

Posted by ,Nov 6th 2020
Why Get a Home Dartboard?

Though you may be more likely to see darts played at bars and game rooms, there is no reason to keep this pastime in those locations. You can install a dartboard almost anywhere in your home where you have space enough to safely throw the darts. Plus, this pastime offers many advantages to those who practice the sport. If you are on the fence about getting a dartboard for your home or taking up the sport of darts, find out why you should reconsider this game.

Advantages of a Home Dartboard

Some common problems with dartboards used in bars are the height of installation and lack of lighting. Bars may only install a dartboard where they have space on the wall and not necessarily at the best height for gameplay. In fact, the international standard for a board is 68 inches from the ground to the center of the bullseye.

A home dartboard allows you to place the board at the ideal height for regulation-level gameplay. Make sure that you have a clear space of 7-feet, 9-1/4-inches between your throwing position and the board. For safety, ensure that this space does not include a frequently used walkway or seating area in the home. You don't want to accidentally strike someone with a dart.

Additionally, many bars have dim lighting, making it hard to see the board when tossing darts. However, when you install a board in your home, you can ensure that you have enough light around it to see clearly.

Gear for Your Dartboard

Choosing a dartboard is only the beginning of learning to play. While you can get sets of darts with a board, you may want to purchase your own darts in different weights or with other tips. For instance, darts come in both steel tip and soft tip. Weights for darts vary, too. Additionally, you may need a cabinet for your darts and board to keep everything organized.

Darts as Part of a Whole Game Room Selection

While darts are an enjoyable game on their own, you should make a dartboard a part of a fully outfitted game room. Include in the space a pool table, shuffleboard table, poker table, or other gaming options to suit your needs. You can find these and much more at Best Pool Tables for Sale.

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