Why You Really Need a Pool Cue Rack

Posted by ,Oct 8th 2021
Why You Really Need a Pool Cue Rack
You should think more about the type of storage you use for your pool cues. In fact, improperly stored cues may warp or experience other types of damage. How can you keep your pool cue in good condition between games? A pool cue rack is a solution you need.  

Yes, How You Store Your Pool Cue Matters

Pool cues are both tougher and more delicate than many think. For instance, using the wrong type of cleaning methods can wear the surface. However, you can use mildly abrasive methods for cleaning wood shafts occasionally, such as fine-grit sandpaper or Magic Eraser sponges.   Storage makes a major difference for certain types of cues. For example, if you have a maple wood cue, temperature and humidity extremes may lead to warping, which impacts the trajectory of the ball. Graphite shafts do not have this problem.   Storing the cue makes a difference. You want to put it in a place where the cue has its weight concentrated along its strongest vertical axis. Putting the cues horizontally without additional support, especially wood cues in humid conditions. The easiest solution for proper cue storage is a pool cue rack to place near your table at home.  

What Is a Pool Cue Rack?

A pool cue rack stores your cue and others in a safe space. The rack keeps your cues from getting knocked over, plus it creates a tasteful display place for your cues, balls, and chalk. You have options that allow you to store the rack on the floor or mount it to a wall.  

Why You Should Invest in a Cue Rack

A cue rack is the best way to keep your cues stored between games. You don’t have to worry about the cues falling over or getting warped from improper storage conditions as long as you keep the rack in a climate-controlled room. You can find a range of cue racks to match the style of your pool table and game room so this accessory feels like a natural addition to your space.  

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