Why You Should Let Your Kids Play Pool

Posted by ,May 21st 2021
Why You Should Let Your Kids Play Pool

People often think of pool as an adults’ game. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You can let your kids play pool and build a passion for this hobby they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. In fact, there are several benefits that you and your kids get when you let them discover the enjoyment of billiards.

Kids Learn About Angles and Geometry

First, kids who learn to play pool begin to grasp geometric concepts early. They learn how the angle of the cue affects the way the ball will bounce off the bumpers. This understanding of angles and how they reflect from the sides of the table will benefit them when they take geometry math classes later. If they already are in a geometry course, they can see the math play out in real life on the pool table in front of them, making the subject more relevant to them. In fact, some connect playing pool with having sharper minds.

Parents Spend More Time with Their Kids

When you let your kids play pool, the time that you spend teaching them the game will be an invaluable deposit into your collective memory banks. You and your kids will get the chance to bond over the game of pool and spend time together without distractions such as phones, computers, or television screens.

Kids Have a Unique Hobby that They Can Share with Others

When kids play pool, they have a hobby that offers them physical exercise, stretching, mental focus, and never-ending replay value. These benefits are not things that video games or social media can provide. Since not all kids play pool, those who do have something unique to talk to their friends about. In fact, your kids may want to introduce their friends to pool and teach the game to others.

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