Air Hockey Table vs Glide Hockey Table Which Is Right for You

Posted by Best Pool Tables for Sale ,Jul 1st 2022
Air Hockey Table vs Glide Hockey Table Which Is Right for You

Other types of game tables cannot surpass the gameplay of table hockey for a fast, two-player game. However, you need to decide whether you prefer to play glide hockey or air hockey. These hockey table games have different table types, gameplay, and more. Knowing how to compare hockey table types will give you the ability to pick the perfect game for your home game room.

Air Hockey: A Frictionless Game for Super Speed

Compared to other table games, air hockey changes the surface only during play. Blowers under the table create a thin, cushioning layer of air on the top of the table. This air reduces friction to allow the puck to move as fast as possible over the surface and increase gameplay speed. People of all ages and abilities can appreciate the speed and fun of air hockey, though younger kids may prefer slower glide hockey to learn the basics before upgrading to its faster cousin.

Many people take this game seriously. In fact, air hockey is a professional sport with clearly outlined requirements for the equipment used and rules of play, as specified by the United States Air Hockey Association. Whether you want to play professionally or just in your spare time, a home air hockey table in your home is the perfect solution.

Glide Hockey: A Power-Free Alternative to Air Hockey

Glide hockey has similar play to air hockey, but the puck moves slower because this form does not create an air cushion on the playing surface. Consequently, you don’t need power for glide hockey. They are convenient options that typically come in tables with multiple games included, such as the Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 multigame table. These multigame tables with glide hockey are great for kids because they offer so many options for games to keep kids from getting bored of any one activity.

Bubble Hockey: Foosball Meets a Hockey Table

If you prefer a table-based variation of ice hockey that includes multiple points of action, consider a bubble hockey table. This type of table involves the turning and moving of rods to rotate the various miniature hockey players on the table as you try to move the puck to your opponent’s goal. This game is a challenging variation of foosball and air hockey to change your table gaming routine.

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