Buying a table tennis table: A guide

Posted by ,Apr 17th 2023
Buying a table tennis table: A guide

Guide To Buying A Table Tennis Table

Are you looking for a new table tennis table? With so many options available in the market, it isn't at all an easy job to decide the best deal from the lot. You shall get so many brands, price ranges, and quality levels. In this guide, we will help you explore the different features that you must look into while buying a table tennis table.

Guide to buying a table tennis table

  • Portability

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a table tennis table. It depends totally on your usage -

  • whether you want to have one that you can fix somewhere permanently
  • or you are looking for a model that could be moved from one location to another!

You must go for something that's easy to set up and can be handled at ease without any hassle. A single individual is enough to lift this table and shift it from one location to another. It is because it comprises rollers for easy movement. Also, such high-quality tables come with brakes on the wheels so that you can put them on when not in use.

  • Thickness

A lot of people have a notion that the table tennis tables that comprise 1-inch thick tops are the only ones that you should buy. But that's not actually so! Of course, there is no denial of the fact that they give a good bounce. But that's not an exception with the 0.75-inch thick top either! However, if you are one of those people who has been aspiring to go for a professional table tennis tournament, you can go for the 1-inch provision.

  • Appropriate legs

You must opt for a model that has got amazing legs. It is because your table tennis table is going to witness a good amount of beating over time. The one with strong legs and support is extremely crucial to retaining the overall longevity of your table tennis table.

Besides, you must go for the leg levelers that are usually present at the bottom of the legs. This will become even more important if you are playing in a location that isn't properly leveled. Thus, you can adjust the height of the levelers to give them the exact height that it requires!

  • Net

These nets can be attached to the table in primarily three different ways- by using -

  • a screw clamp
  • a spring-loaded clip
  • the ones that are permanently affixed to the table.

It is essential to ensure that you are going for a net with a soft covering. It will help you to set a grip for the table tennis table. Also, you need to take care that you aren't causing any scratches to its surface. In case you are using clamps, you must ensure that you aren't digging them to the surface by any chance. You may get the net and post with some of the tables, while there are the ones for which you might have to purchase them separately. So just check the things out before you place the order.

  • Leveling

Before you begin the gameplay, you should be very conscious of the table height. Also, put it appropriately by having a look from all the sides of the tabletop. Have a check at the possible warping or bending that may affect the bounce of the table by any chance. You may use a 1 yard to ensure the table surface is flat enough!

  • One piece or two-piece

If you are going for the one with a single trolley system, the one-piece tables are the best ones to go for! They can even be folded from the middle area and are often referred to as the "rollaway." Indeed, it is very easy to align the halves as you can half open them and opt for practicing alone. The only downside of this one-piece table tennis table is that it would occupy a huge amount of your storage space.

On the contrary, the two-piece table tennis table - the one that is separated into two separate halves is much more space efficient. Also, it is easily portable as well at the same time. The only challenge is that it is difficult to align. Besides, you will have to face issues for playing the game with it. It comprises wheel sets that are incorporated at the very center of the table.

  • True playback provision

You may find a lot of table tennis tables that you can fold on one side for storage purposes while using the other for solo play. You may even find a wide gap between the net and the folded side when you see it is folded for playback. If you are considering realistic gameplay, you will ensure to hit the ball harder. So it doesn't get between the folded surface and the net. It is always ideal to opt for tables that do not leave any gap between the vertical play surface and the net.

  • Locking mechanisms

Last but not the least, this is one of the most crucial parameters you should check! The price of your model may vary based on the kind of locking mechanism that the table has incorporated. Having a strong locking mechanism will ensure that the table doesn't open or close accidentally once it is folded.

Bottom line

A table tennis table buying guide will help you get the best deal for yourself. Know that offers the best tables at the most promising price range. You can opt for one costing you as cheap as 9000 INR, but that won't last long. Therefore, you should always read through the features and specs of the table before closing the purchase. A decent-quality table is worth your gameplay!