Buying dart boards? How to choose the right dartboard?

Posted by ,Sep 28th 2022
Buying dart boards? How to choose the right dartboard?

How To Choose The Right Dartboard?

Buying dart boards is not easy. Many other kinds of dart boards are available. But the bristle dart board and the electronic dart board are the most common types.

Both the traditional dart board and the electronic dart board have their pros and cons. Therefore, the first choice you need to make is if you want a traditional dart board or an electronic dart board.

Think about whether you value the reliability of a traditional dart board more than the benefits of an electronic dart board. This is the simplest way to approach the problem.

Buying dart boards? What characteristics should you search for in a bristle dart board?

The bristle dart board is by far the most common type of dart board that you will find. People didn't widely use it until the 1970s. But it was first developed in the 1930s. Dart boards similar to these started becoming the industry standard around the same period.

These dart boards are made by attaching compressed sisal fibers to a board before finishing it. Metal bands and staples are utilized to maintain the integrity of the edges.

Sisal is a highly resilient and high-density substance. It is used in the manufacturing of bristle boards. The fact that sisal has a unique "self-healing" characteristic makes it an excellent material for dart boards. This feature ensures that the dart board will last a long time. Also, this physically repairs holes immediately after the dart is taken from the board. This indicates that you can continue to use the dart board for a considerable time before it shows signs of wear and tear.

The hole will seal behind the dart when removed from the board. It is because the hole in the board is made of sisal bristle fiber. This ensures that it will endure significantly longer than conventional dartboards made of wood.

If you are buying dart boards durable enough to withstand even the most intense competition, then this would be the finest option for you to go with.

A few things to keep in mind while buying dart boards

Wiring for a dartboard

The wiring in your dart board creates a divide between the inner and exterior areas of the board. You should strive for wiring that is built in a way that reduces the number of bounce-outs as much as possible.

In general, using wires that are thinner and shaped like triangles will help improve your chances of hitting the target.

Additionally, using a bullseye that is free of staples will go a long way toward assisting you in hitting the mark. You may take it one step further by looking into blade wiring. This does away with the requirement for any staples. Also, it reduces the thickness of the wire even further.

Dartboard thickness

Most purchasers would be surprised to learn how crucial the depth and density of a dart board are. The darts' ability to penetrate the dartboard and experience less bouncing is enhanced by the board's depth and density. This enables you to have a game that is a lot more constant. Also, it allows you to earn a significantly greater score while being accurate.

It is important to verify the density and depth of a bristle dartboard before making any purchase. In most cases, a bristle dartboard will have both of these characteristics.

Sharpened bullseye

Because hitting the bullseye is one of the more rewarding experiences in darts, you will likely be aiming for it quite a bit, especially if you are just starting. This is especially true for beginners. Your hard-won hits will end up sinking into the sisal if you use a bullseye with blades. It is because it helps to secure your darts and prevents them from bouncing around.

Inks used

One of the aspects of the dartboard that is sometimes neglected is the quality of the ink that is used to color the various portions of the board.

Look for dart boards that have eco-friendly inks that are safe for eating. These will sink into the dart board with greater ease. This results in a richer and more stunning color than the original, which will remain intact despite heavy use. Because of the type of ink used, the dart board you use will have a low level of glare, increasing your potential accuracy. Eco-inks with a food-grade safety rating typically produce the best results.

The ink safe for consumption can travel deeply into the individual fibers of the board. It has a lower glare, which contributes to enhanced visibility, and the colors are more vibrant. The board will also have increased durability due to the use of food-grade ink.

The use of low-quality paint that has a high level of glare can potentially have a detrimental impact on your performance. The food-grade ink is safe for the environment and will not harm if it comes into contact with your skin.


Your dart board will have to be mounted on a wall. So check to see that it comes with the proper hanging hardware to ensure that it will remain securely in place once installed. After all, the last thing you want is your darts to loosen up, and you have to start over.


You must not overlook the importance of finding a dart board with a solid warranty.

A solid warranty should always be included with a dartboard purchase of this caliber. This indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of their item. Also, the dart board will live up to the claims it has made about its capabilities.

Make sure that you verify the warranty that comes with the dartboard you purchase, as well as what exactly the guarantee covers because different dart boards come with varying warranties.


As you can see, a large variety of possibilities are available to select from when it comes to buying dart boards. However, the greatest part is that the decision is entirely up to you. We sincerely hope this information is useful to you in your search for the ideal dart board. Also, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to give a call.