Check Out Space-Saving Apartment Game Room Options

Posted by Best Pool Table For Sale ,Mar 11th 2022
Check Out Space-Saving Apartment Game Room Options

If you rent your living space, you likely live in a multifamily housing unit, that includes everything from duplexes to apartment buildings with dozens of units. In fact, 54% of renters live in these types of homes, compared to only 41% of renters in single-family homes. However, while apartments offer convenient locations or better flexibility than homes, they may not come with as much space. You can still enjoy the little luxuries in life, such as an apartment game room, though, if you plan how to use your space well.

Arcade Basketball

One of the easiest things to do is look around your apartment to find any extra space you might have and find a small-footprint game table to place there. For instance, if you have a corner free, consider putting an arcade basketball game there. These games don’t require space on the side and only a small amount of room for the player.


Another option is a dartboard that doesn’t require any floor space. You will, however, need to have a clear line of sight between where the player stands and the dartboard. But, if there is a coffee table or desk between you and the dartboard, you can still play as long as another person does not enter the area where the darts fly.

Tabletop Games

With tabletop games, you only need to have a flat surface to play on to turn any room into an apartment game room. These games range from classic favorites such as chess and poker to extra-large dice and more. Plus, you can store these games in a closet until you want to play, freeing up more space in your apartment.

Poker Table

A poker table is a great way to use space in your apartment because many of these come with conversion tops so they double as dining tables. Plus, poker tables are great options when you want to have game nights with several of your friends but don’t have space in your apartment for a group of people to stand around a pool table or foosball table.

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