Considerations When Setting Up a Family Game Room in Your Home

Posted by Best Pool Tables For Sale ,Mar 18th 2022
Considerations When Setting Up a Family Game Room in Your Home

Setting up a family game room won’t just give you another leisure option, it could help to improve your family connectedness. Families that spend time together with game nights and family meals have children who grow up with stronger connections to their parents, better vocabulary, higher reading scores, and improved relationships with their peers. When creating a space for family game nights, consider the following to ensure that you will have a space everyone in your family can enjoy.

Ages of Your Family Members

The ages of your family members will make a difference in the types of games that you choose. For instance, if your youngest children are teenagers, you’ll likely select game tables sized for adults, such as full-sized pool tables. However, if you have toddlers, you may want to choose options that appeal to younger children, such as tabletop tic tac toe or large-scale Quartto four-in-a-row.

Available Space

How much space do you have for your family game room? Even if you have a spare room consider the dimensions. Shuffleboard tables require long spaces because these tables measure between 9 and 14 feet in length. Plus, you will need another three feet on one end for the player to stand. If you have a smaller room, you may not be able to fit this type of game table.

Other types of game tables require extra space on all sides of the table, even if the dimensions of the tables themselves are smaller. For instance, pool tables need to have enough space on all four sides to accommodate the pool cue length, plus another six inches.

If you want multiple game tables but lack space, consider space-saving tabletop games that you can play on your dining room table if you don’t have space for a full game table.

Games for Now vs. Long-Term Hobbies

How will you use the family game room now and in the future? Will you outfit the space with games for playing with your family now or investments in hobbies that could last for years? The answer will likely depend on your family’s needs and personal gaming tastes. For instance, you can easily get a pool table or shuffleboard table that will provide years of fun if your family includes teens and adults. However, younger kids may feel left out of these games and need options geared toward their growing needs, such as arcade basketball or air hockey. If you have the space, you may even consider installing both types of gaming options into your family game room.

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