Create Your Own Arcade at Home with Home Gaming Tables

Posted by ,Aug 18th 2022
Create Your Own Arcade at Home with Home Gaming Tables

Toys and games at home have risen in popularity since the pandemic had people reconsidering their home recreation options. Demand for video games will likely rise through 2022, but many people will also turn to traditional, non-digital toys and games. If you want to create a home arcade that also offers physical interactivity instead of only digital play, bring some of the following gaming tables into your home’s rec room:

Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is an arcade gaming table classic. The air in the name of this table comes from the thin layer of air created on the table surface that cuts down friction and allows the puck to fly at high speeds over the table. Kids, teens, and adults all love this game, making it a great addition for families with growing children. The timeless fun of an air hockey table will keep returning years of enjoyment.

Arcade Basketball

Basketball doesn’t always require a full, or even half court, to play. Arcade basketball combines multiple computer-guided games with shooting hoops. Depending on the arcade basketball model, gaming options may include trying to shoot as many hoops as possible within a specific time limit or playing against another person for a high score.

Foosball Tables

Foosball tables, like air hockey and arcade basketball, combine competitive fun with physical movement. Anyone can learn foosball and enjoy playing it at home or anywhere else they find one of these gaming tables. In fact, this game is highly popular in Europe, where people become part of leagues or take part in highly competitive tournaments of this tabletop variation on soccer.

Think Beyond Gaming Systems and Make Your Own Arcade at Home with Help from

You don’t need to only have gaming systems in your home to create a home arcade. Think beyond the digital options to include games that give more interactivity. Find the above home gaming tables and much more at