Fun Outdoor Games for the Whole Family!

Posted by ,Sep 12th 2022
Fun Outdoor Games for the Whole Family!

Fun Outdoor Games for the Whole Family!

From toddlers to grandparents, outdoor games can put the whole family together, thereby making it an opportunity for everyone to make their bonds with one another sweeter amidst busy schedules. From the classic backyard games to that of the DIY fun outdoor games, there's so much that you can do!

When you opt for outdoor games, your choice depends on your players' taste for a game. Indeed, not everyone would want to play the same game. And that's when you should make out which one of the games is going to entertain your people the most!

Fun Outdoor Games for the whole family

Here are a few fun outdoor games that are fun for the entire family.

  • Frisbee golf

This is one of the best games you can probably try out anywhere you have an open yard. If you are lucky enough, you might get a real frisbee golf zone near your location, but definitely, this is one of the best games that you can probably play with your family!

  • Basketball

If you are quite a good number of people in your family, nothing can be better than trying your feet on the basketball.

Not just that it will be exciting. But at the same time, you will be able to give exposure to your kids regarding the game, as well as teach them how to play it!

Be slow and focus more on teamwork, and that's how you would be able to imbibe skills in your kids.

  • Puzzle game

Not just that you need to play it outdoors, but you can play it either beneath the sky or within an enclosed space indoors, wherever you feel like!

This will certainly help your kids learn new things, maybe new words. But it will also help you figure out their weaknesses and strengths and give an idea about their inclination towards different thoughts.

This is one of the fun outdoor games that would keep all the members of your family engaged in a creative job for hours.

  • Quizzes

This "quiz game" isn't going to get old ever! It is one of the best games that will not just help you do wonders. But at the same time, it will test everyone's IQ, allow all the people to brainstorm on certain things, apply their common senses and respond back to the questions being asked! Honestly, the "quiz" will help everyone increase their skills, learn new topics. Thus, stay engaged in a valuable and meaningful activity.

  • Hide and seek

Almost every one of us has played this game some time or the other! This is because 'hiding and finding' is a job of interest for all the kids. Sometimes, one counts to ten, the other person counts to twenty, or at times, to a hundred. The best part is that this game requires no equipment and can be played with any number of players.

  • Capture the flag

This is yet another exciting game to play. Also, it's funnier when you have a large group of players. You would love to split the big team into two, and the motif of one team would be to get into the other team's territory and capture its flag. The responsibility doesn't just end over here! Your team's player needs to ensure bringing back the flag safely to your team.

  • Ghost in the graveyard

You have a designated home base as the safe spot, and then there's a kid who hides as a ghost.

At first, the ghost will hide, and till then, all the members would be in the home base and keep counting to 30. Next, the kids will have to start searching for the ghost. Once a kid finds him, he would yell, "Ghost in the graveyard." Now, the kids will get back to the home base as early as they can before the ghost tags any one of them. If the ghost succeeds in tagging a person, they will have to become the new ghost. Else, the last person to return to the home base will have to be the next ghost!

  • Hopscotch

Certainly, this is one of the exciting and fun outdoor games to play with the family! It is a classic game to play with chalk by preparing a hopscotch board with a flat and paved surface.

The board is basically created by drawing basic shapes that would be connected to one another with numbers punched on each one of them so that the players know the sequence of jumping from one shape to that of another.

Then there's a token wherein the player will need to jump back in sequence. If the token falls while jumping, he/she will have to go through the rest of the board except that only shape in which the token was dropped! The first child who completes the whole board becomes the winner!

  • Sharks and Minnows

This game works particularly alluring when you have a bigger group of friends to play with! You have one player as a 'shark' and the remaining all kids will be the 'minnows.'

During the play, the shark usually stands in the middle of the yard and all the minnows will stand at the end while facing the shark. As the one who is the 'shark' yells, all the minnows will run in the opposite direction of the field. Now, the shark will start chasing the minnows and tag as many as that person can! The tagged player will then become the shark!

Bottom line:

So, these are a few fun outdoor games that you can play with your whole family. When you are trying to plan for a game, always try to engage or involve as many people as possible in it. You need to understand that not every game is going to work well for everyone. Thus, you ought to make out which one of them would best fit your family's taste. Also, you must consider the age group of your family members to start pitching in a game for them to play!