Great Portable Tabletop Games to Bring on Summer Campouts

Posted by Best Pool Tables for Sale ,May 27th 2022
Great Portable Tabletop Games to Bring on Summer Campouts

The turbulent years of the pandemic brought a positive change for camping. In fact, among leisure activities camping rocketed in popularity with 53% of people including this option in their trips. Camping today does not have to mean roughing it in a tent. Today, campgrounds have options that include everything from rustic tent sites to luxurious “glamping” accommodations. No matter where you stay, make the most of the trip, and bring along tabletop games to play when you wind down from a day of fishing, hiking, or exploring nature.


Backgammon is a board game that requires dice and markers. As a traditional game, many people opt for upgraded variations on the simple board and dice. In this Hathaway Premium Backgammon Set, you get a faux-leather carrying case that includes the board, ergonomic dice cups, and the dice and markers needed for play. It’s a classy way to play an old-fashioned game whether on a campout or at home.


There are hundreds of games you can play with dominos. Even kids too young to enjoy formal games can set up the dominos into lines to knock over. However, you’ll want to use the quality pieces in this professional-grade dominoes set for gameplay instead of knocking them down. The set even includes a stylish wooden box to keep all the pieces together.

Playing Cards

There is nothing better than a deck of playing cards for a campout. They are portable and allow you to play games for all ages. From Go Fish to poker, you’ll have innumerable options for passing the time on your campout with cards. Instead of just bringing a single deck, why not carry along a pair of standard decks in a classy carrying case? This Monte Carlo Dual Deck includes two decks of plastic-coated cards that you can use anywhere.

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