How to Care for Your Table Tennis Table and Why the Garage Is Not the Best Place for It

Posted by Best Pool Tables for Sale ,Jun 3rd 2022
How to Care for Your Table Tennis Table and Why the Garage Is Not the Best Place for It

While most people put table tennis tables in their garages or outside due to available space, these are not the best places for these tables. In fact, you could be causing damage to the table with poor storage. Discover how to care for and store your Ping Pong table to extend its life.


Your Ping Pong table can go in the garage or on your patio if you have a model designed for outdoor use. However, if your table tennis table does not have an indication of being specifically for outdoor use, do not store it in areas without climate control.

The reasoning behind this restriction on storage sites lies in the table’s construction. Indoor tables have a wood playing surfaceand wood or metal frame. Excessive humidity, rain, or temperature swings can warp the wood, making your table useless after this happens. Tables for outdoor use have weather-resistant metal, resin, or concrete materials, which make them better suited to use outside or in unheated garages.

Surface Cleaning

Ideally, you want to clean the surface after playing. A simple solution of vinegar and water in a 1/3-cup to a 3-cup ratio of vinegar to the water will suffice in removing dirt and dust. Dry the table after wiping it down to prevent moisture damage to the wood.

Net Cleaning

Always remove the net and clean it separately from the surface. Use the same recipe of diluted vinegar to soak the net for 15 minutes. Squeeze out the excess moisture and lay the net flat to dry. Only reinstall the net after it has completely dried to prevent moisture from warping your table.

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