How to Choose a Dartboard for Your Home Game Space

Posted by Best Pool Tables for Sale ,Jul 15th 2022
How to Choose a Dartboard for Your Home Game Space

Darts are much more popular than you might think. In the United States, 17 million people play, making this an ideal game to add to your home’s game room. However, when choosing a board, understand that not all dartboards are the same. The materials used in their construction determine the types of darts to use. Plus, you have options that come inside cabinets and without. When it comes to choosing the right dartboard for your home recreation area, make sure to know the format, board material, and enclosure options you want.

Dartboard Format

Do you need a plastic electronic board for easy scoring or a more traditional model? Occasionally, you may find magnetic boards. Plastic boards use soft tip darts, which make them a better choice for kids to play with. Traditional boards require steel tip darts and include tournament-grade designs for serious players.

Board Material

The material used to create the board will often reflect the board’s durability. For instance, bristle dartboards made of sisal fibers self-heal when you remove the darts, which explains why professional tournaments and pubs prefer this type of material for their boards. Cork costs much less but does not self-heal. Of these options, bristle lasts much longer and looks better over time.

Enclosure Options

How you mount a dartboard depends on the type of enclosure you choose to have or skip. For instance, some dartboards do not have surrounding cabinets, making them a good choice when you simply want a board without a cabinet or extra storage space.

Cabinet dartboards have doors that close over the board when not in use. Storage for darts and information on how to score the game line the interior of these doors, putting everything you need for your game in one convenient place. While most cabinets mount to the wall, you can also find freestanding cabinets for when you don’t want to or cannot put holes in your wall for mounting a board or cabinet.

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