How to Play Bocce Ball

Posted by Best Pool Tables for Sale ,Feb 18th 2022
How to Play Bocce Ball

You may have seen people in other countries playing the centuries-old game of bocce ball. But did you know that you can bring this version of lawn bowling into your backyard? The rules required to play bocce ball are simple for anyone to learn. Plus, it is a game that encourages cooperation among team members. Find out everything you need to know to get started with your home games of bocce ball.

Equipment Needed to Play Bocce Ball

The equipment needed to play bocce ball is simple. You only need four bocce balls per team and a target ball called a pallino. A measuring tape can be a helpful tool, especially in competitive games, but it is not required. You can get all eight standard-sized bocce balls, a measuring tape, and pallino in a deluxe carrying case to make transporting your game equipment easier.

Each team has four bocce balls. Some sets use two colors, while other sets have four colors for the balls. The colors help designate which team the balls belong to after they have been tossed onto the court. The smaller pallino is always white.

A traditional bocce ball court is 60-feet long by 12-feet wide, but you can play in any space as long as there is ample room to toss the balls underhanded without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Playing the Game

To play the game, the team that wins the coin toss rolls out the pallino from their end of the court. The ball has to go past the center of the court. Wherever the pallino lands, becomes the target for both teams.

Teams take turns rolling or underhandedly tossing their balls toward the pallino. The player with the bocce ball closer to the pallino earns their team a point. Players continue to take turns until all eight balls have been played, which concludes the frame.

Scoring in Bocce Ball

Scoring in bocce ball depends on the proximity of the balls to the pallino. This area is where the measuring tape can prevent arguments. The team that has their player toss the ball closer to the pallino gets a point. Play continues until one of the teams reaches a pre-determined score. That team wins. Commonly, end-game scores may be 9, 12, or 15.

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