Moving your Pool Table: Some tips

Posted by ,Jan 17th 2023
Moving your Pool Table: Some tips

Things you must do when moving your pool table

The pool still remains one of the most popular and most-played indoor games in the world. Anyone can have a good time while playing it in their homes. However, if you are moving to a new place or home, taking the pool table can be a bit troublesome if you don't know how to handle that. Here are a few tips for moving your Pool Table out and bringing it to a new place.

Some FAQs about moving your Pool Table:

Should I remove the pool table by myself?

If you don't have the cost, manpower, and logistics to bear for moving the table, doing it yourself can be your last resort. However, that includes many risks and puts the equipment at potential damages. Hence, many clients sell their existing pool tables and buy another for their new place. Regardless, you may need to hire professional pool table removalists.

Can I remove all types of pool tables with the same method?

The method you choose for removing your pool table heavily depends on the table base type. Pool tables come in three general bases – slate, fiberglass, and MDF. Your table is made of the latter two materials, and it can be considered to move them on your own, with the help of your friends. These materials are lighter and less brittle compared to slate, which on the other hand, is actually stone.

Slate is very heavy and brittle, making the table weigh up to 1000 pounds, so you need a lot of extra care for moving your Pool Table. You have to disassemble it and hire a moving truck, as that won't fit in a regular car. Hiring a moving truck can significantly increase your budget, so availing professional pool table removals is viable.

How expensive is it to move a pool table?

Moving a pool table is expensive, yet it may not turn out the way you want if you tend to do that yourself. A standard pool table removal will cost you no less than 400-500 dollars, so it is essential you make up your mind. Or, you can hire a professional to move your Pool Table and remain worry-free. Apart from that, moving charges may vary depending on the table base and moving distance.

Is it possible to move the pool table without disassembling it?

It is not a good idea to move the pool table without disassembling it. The table consists of so many parts, many of which are delicate and brittle. Moreover, moving a large item like that can trigger many errors, and that may hurt the integrity of the entire setup. Apart from small nicks and dents, a little shock to the base is enough to break it. Slate-based pool tables are very delicate and need extra care while handling. It is simply not possible to move it unassembled and not risk damage. Hence, it is always recommended to disassemble as many parts as possible to minimize damage. Better if you leave that to professionals.

Steps to remove your pool table

Before you get into disassembling the table, you need to take some measurements. That includes your doorways, passages, and hallways – basically, the route you'll take to the table outside. Always check that their measurements of them are of higher value than the dimensions of your pool table.

You need to disassemble the parts of the table. Start by removing the pockets, then slowly work your way to the rails around the base. These things will be wrapped to ensure safety and also collect the screws and other small things.

After you've removed the felt around, it's time to remove the table base. You need to be very careful and would need strong, steady hands to move as slate can weigh about 450kg. Other slab materials can weigh about 70kg to 120kg. A protective wrap will ensure safety and will help absorb minor shocks while traveling.

The final step is about removing the leg assemblies. Then, carefully mount all the parts into the moving truck and travel as carefully as possible to avoid the irregularities of roadways.

If you want to avoid all the trouble, it's better to sell the table and get a new one. Contact to buy the best tables you can find.

That is all you would want to know about moving your Pool Table.