Pool table buying guide: Things to consider

Posted by ,Aug 26th 2022
Pool table buying guide: Things to consider

Have you ever seen those movies where a large family gathers around a pool table and enjoys themselves? Looks lovely, isn’t it? Many people often end up buying a big house so that they can install a pool table! A pool table is not only a place where family and friends come together but also helps you to enhance the beauty of your house. The following article will provide you with a pool table buying guide that, if followed properly, will benefit you in many ways.

Pool table buying guide

A pool table is not only a huge investment but also a huge piece of furniture that'll take up much space if not planned properly. So, you have to keep a few things in mind before you plan to bring a pool table to your recreational room.

  • Choose the right size

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while planning a purchase of a pool table is the size. You have to measure your room and plan to buy your pool table accordingly.

Any regular-sized pool table would measure around 8 feet long, so your room's length has to double. Only then you or others can play comfortably around the table.

If you don't have accurate measurements of the room, you might have a tough time adjusting the pool table in the room. And even if you manage to put the table in the room, the entire space will be cramped.

  • Materials used for Table

We all can agree that a pool table is a huge investment, and the person purchasing it would want to be durable. So when you are thinking of buying a pool table, you have to compare the materials used while making the table.

Various materials like slate, plywood, honeycomb, slatron, or fiberboard are used to make the surface. But among these, slate is the most commonly used material for pool tables. You can go through the pros and cons of the different materials used to make the table.

So if you want your table to be durable and sustainable, you have to research which material suits you best.

  • Choosing the right frame

As we all know, the job of a frame is to support the entire structure. So if the frame is strong enough, the structure goes on to live for a long time. You can determine what kind of frame you need only when you know the exact measurements of the slate.

An ideal pool table will have its framed slate glued to the bottom with the help of cross beams to provide support. You can take the assistance of a pro if you want to get the right frame for your pool table.

  • Talk to a Professional

A professional knows much more and much better than any layman, isn't it? So, if you're planning to buy a pool table, talk to a pool table professional instead of blindly following a pool table buying guide.

If you don't know where to find a pool table professional, you can head toward a specialty store. These stores have people who know their stuff quite well and can help you in every possible way. You can ask them about the type of material that’ll be perfect for your pool table and its part. Besides, you can inquire about how to maintain a pool table and how often to clean it.

You should also ask about various costs associated with the pool table as it’ll help you draft a budget for the same. Talking to a professional will help you to clear all the doubts you have regarding the pool table.

  • Draft a Budget

Before you go off to buy anything, it's very important that you have a budget drafted out. If you're planning to place a pool table in your recreational room, be ready to spend a hefty amount.

Pool tables generally range from $500 - $15,000 depending upon their type, quality, materials used, and size.

A budget pool table will cost you somewhere around $500-$1000and; they might not stand the test of time. But they are perfect for families who might not play on the table but use it to enhance the aesthetic of the house.

If you're ready to spend between $1500 and $3000, you will get durable, fully-featured pool tables.

Whereas pool tables with $2500-$15000 come with customizable features and enhance the aesthetic of the place manifolds. These tables are commonly known as heirloom tables and are a lifetime investment as they could be passed on from one generation to the other.

So ultimately, it's up to you how much you can spend on a pool table!

  • Think about Installation

After you have brought your pool table, one of the final steps is to install it. It is impossible for a novice person to install the table without the help of a pro. A regular pool table will weigh around 700 -1000 pounds, so that you would need a local mover! And, of course, someone who has knowledge of how to assemble a pool table.

If you don't install the table properly, then it would lead to wobbly legs and a shaky frame leading to an overall faulty design. An installation and moving of the pool table will cost $550 but will ensure a properly set up structure.

  • Try to get a Warranty

One of the essential things you should remember while buying a pool table is getting a warranty. A warranty period helps you remain covered for repairs and maintenance for a few years. You can also extend the warranty by spending a little more. You should do your research on the warranty before you make the final purchase.

In conclusion, these are some of the points you need to follow from the pool table buying guide as it will not only help you buy the perfect pool table for yourself but also help you from spending extra bucks.