Pool Table Felt: A guide

Posted by ,Feb 1st 2023
Pool Table Felt: A guide

Tips To Choose Pool Table Felt

A pool table felt will not only determine your table's durability but also ensure the amount of enjoyment you are supposed to get from your table. No doubt, the amount of enjoyment you get from a pool table can be increased by using the right cloth. If you are a noob, or have got confused about which kind of a pool table felt to choose, here are a few things to keep in mind that would make your decision easier.

Pool Table Felt: tips

  • Look of your pool table

You can get a wide range of colors and patterns available for your pool table felt from Know that the bed of your pool table is a huge space. Thus, it is always wise to choose a prominent color that will suit the surrounding area as well. Always count the overall room decor and the color tone of your room before you go for one. Also, make sure that you have considered the color of the pool table itself while selecting the pool table felt.

  • Durability

No doubt, the durability of the tablecloth plays a critical role in determining how long it will last, regardless of its grade, style, or type. It also has a huge dependency on the person who is playing on the table and how they play. Also, it is going to have an impact based on how you maintain the cloth. Remember that one must surely handle the table felt with care, else it will only last for a while even if you have bought the most expensive cloth in the world. In most cases, you can expect a high grade of cloth to last longer as it would be more durable.

  • Tightness and quality

The tightness and quality of a pool tablecloth will determine its tightness and weave quality. Also, it will help you fit the most accurate measurement of your table. The heavier clothes with the best wool content are considered more durable than the lighter clothes.

  • Weight of the pool table felt

The weight of the pool table felt is yet another important factor you must consider while buying one! It is expressed in ounces per yard. Therefore, you will get to see the measurement in ounces. According to the nature of the cloth, the ones with a heavier weight will last longer than the lighter ones. But there is a downside to it as well. The clothes that are heavier will make your game slow.

  • Feel and performance

Of course, you get a feel while the balls roll on the cloth and how it reacts with the balls while you are at play. Make sure you haven't opted for a cloth that is too soft or fuzzy. It will make you play and move slower. Therefore, ensure that you choose clothes that will make your play faster. Also, it seems like the ball is moving with the same force until the end. For your easy understanding, you should note these factors below:

  1. Recreational grade cloth usually feels soft and will give you a slow feel at play. It is certainly more forgiving for the kids and the amateur players.
  2. Intermediate grade cloth is the one that plays faster and is comparatively more durable.
  3. Then, there is a professional grade cloth for the high-end pool rooms. You will probably see these pool table clothes used in professional events too! If you have a team of experienced players looking for the best performance out of the table, you must buy such a table felt without any second thought.
  • Speed that you are expecting from your pool table felt

Well, the roll and speed of your ball will highly depend on the pool table felt you have chosen. Always go for a smooth cloth but at the same time, check whether it is giving you the expected ball speed. You should also check the shot accuracy before finalizing one.