Pool tables for sale: Things to consider

Posted by ,Jan 17th 2023
Pool tables for sale: Things to consider

Know About Pool Tables For Sale Before Making A Deal

Buying the right pool table gives you long-term value. Whether you are an amateur player or a professional one, it is important to invest in an appropriate table. Pool tables are available in a range of styles and sizes. So, you should focus on a few significant factors before making a purchase. Choose the most reliable platforms to find pool tables for sale.

Pool tables for sale: Things to consider

Pool table styles

Which style of pool table should you buy? Do you need a modern or a rustic one? Often, this table becomes the main focal point in the space. So, you have to ensure that the piece does not clash with other decor and furniture pieces in the room.

Classic tables have dominated the market for years. Most of them have a red felt or vintage green cover. They also include a sturdy hardwood frame. Besides, the table’s legs have beautiful antique patterns that are mostly found on old furniture.

Contemporary-style pool tables have polished black finishes. Unique patterned designs and blue felt have replaced the old green felts. Also, some modern pool tables have pedestals and glass LED covers on the top.

So, evaluate these styles in detail and pick the right one.

Pool table slates

A slate is responsible for locking down onto the pool table’s frame in various sections. Cushions and bumpers stay lined with pool table rails. Besides, these rails contain grooves that run along the length of the table’s sides. You must know these details before selecting the slate.

Slates for pool tables are of different types

  • Particle Board

MDF or medium-density fiberboard is used for some pool table slates. This material makes the table lightweight and ensures a long-lasting slate. However, slate cabinets should have the ability to sustain considerable weight. Modern MDF tables have a sleek design.

  • Honeycomb

The surface has a honeybee-like design and is compressed by hardened plastic layers. But, although this design does not have warping issues, the playing surface seems to be rougher. The pool tables are also lighter compared to other tables. While combined with low-priced cabinets, there may be problems of instability.

  • Slatron

Permaslate, also known as slatron, is a layer of hardened plastics that covers particle boards. It is the best one among other synthetic materials. However, the material may be slightly costly for buyers.

Only a slate of a pool table may weigh around 450 lbs. If this weight is placed on plastics or composite materials, you may find disastrous results. After settling the table, you cannot keep the surface level. It means you will not enjoy the game.

It is better to look for hardwood constructions that withstand weights of billiards slate. You will get pleasure from consistent gaming sessions every year.

Size of your pool tables

You may be able to fit the table comfortably and easily inside your room. However, make sure that there is enough room for players to stand. Besides, you must decide whether kids or adults will use the table.

In most cases, a professional standard pool table has a dimension of 8’ x 4’. There are also bar-sized tables of around 7’ x 3’6”. Most buyers prefer the bigger models if their rooms have space. These bigger ones provide a better playing experience.

The frame of the table

The frame type can vary with the slate size. Pool tables offer slates of ¾’’, and they can easily use 2 cross beams. However, larger slates must have a quad-beam design (2 long and 2 cross beams).

Rails of your pool table

The rails of this table are made from natural gum blends or synthetic materials. The most common synthetic options are clay fillers to design the rails. The dried clay loses the bounce and turns out to be a dead rail. However, some rails have natural gum, which is better than synthetic ones.

Many cushions have a relief pocket that provides consistent rebound when there is contact between the cushion rubber and the ball. Furthermore, the rail includes an alignment indicator, which can be fitted into the pocket for a permanent bond.


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