The Best Outdoor Games for Summer

Posted by Best Pool Tables for Sale ,Jun 10th 2022
The Best Outdoor Games for Summer

Summer’s here! The top things to enjoy outside for most Americans include having barbecues and going to the beach, with 55% and 40% of people preferring these activities. After eating or swimming, spend even more time enjoying the outdoors by having games to play. Pack your patio or car with some of the best outdoor games to play while the weather is great. If you don’t have these top games for outside play, what are you waiting for?

Compact Corn Hole Set

Corn hole is a popular game of tossing bean bags into a goal. While there are larger versions of this game, you should have a compact, portable option to take with you on summer outings. This compact corn hole set includes the boards and bags you need to set up a game anywhere. Plus, you get a carrying case with a handle to make bringing it to the beach or barbecue easy.

Disc Golf

Disc golf has rules similar to golf without the investment in a bag of clubs and balls. Instead, this game uses discs tossed toward basket-like goals. Several public parks have disc golf courses, giving you options for playing nearby wherever you live. If you’re new to the game, get this starter set that includes the variety of discs you need to make long and short tosses all in a convenient carrying bag.


Croquet is an old game that you can set up anywhere. You only need a flat surface for the playing area and the ability to insert the wickets and goal stakes into the ground. For a portable option, consider this set of croquet gear, which accommodates up to six players, making it a great choice if you have several people who want to play.

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